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We’re located in beautiful Mountain View, California, and seek passionate, talented engineers who share our values. They should also care deeply about providing value to customers and developing a service that can evolve and improve quickly. If this is you, and you want to work for a company that’s passionate about innovative technology and having fun, we encourage you to get in touch.

To apply, send your résumé and cover letter to Please indicate which position you’re applying for in the subject line.

Front-end Engineer

Role: Build the product, bridging our backend to an excellent user experience. Day to day, you will work with product managers, designers, and other engineers to create a modern and easy-to-use product. You’ll strongly influence which technologies we use across our whole stack and how we incorporate them.


  • Highly proficient in JavaScript and HTML/CSS
  • Well versed in HTTP semantics and web API design principles
  • Good knowledge of at least one backend programming language
  • Comfortable learning and using new web technologies to build rich applications
    (think WebSockets, MutationObservers, CSS Transforms, SVG …)

Web/UI Engineer

Role: Build a rich, modern consumer web application with a simple, elegant interface. You will engage with our product team, designers, and other engineers daily to create delightful experiences for our users. You’ll have many opportunities to contribute to our backend.


  • Highly proficient in JavaScript and HTML/CSS
  • Experience building large, rich web applications
  • Eager to leverage emerging browser technologies

Software Engineer, Mobile

Design and build high quality, modern consumer mobile user experiences. Define and implement APIs (library and network) for mobile apps. Our mobile engineers should be comfortable working at all levels of the development stack (storage, server, multiple mobile platforms).


  • Prior iOS or Android experience
  • Passionate about user experience

Backend Engineer

Role: Growing and scaling up FortyTwo’s backend. At this stage of the company it means going all the way from building clusters of services, optimizing concurrent processing, building data pipelines, working with various types of databases and implementing devops automations. We are building our systems on using technologies like Scala, Play, Akka, ZooKeeper and Guice.


  • High proficiency in at least one JVM language and passionate about learning Scala
  • Passion about code quality and tests
  • Passion about concurrent programming and distributed architecture

Machine Learning / Information Retrieval Engineer

Role: FortyTwo is dealing with massive amounts of user events, analytics data, social graphs and web documents. You will be asked to design and build a new breed of Machine Learning and Information Retrieval systems that will be of large scale with tight throughput and latency requirements.


  • Proficient in at least one JVM language and can easily pick up Scala
  • Passion for elegant and efficient algorithms and data structures
  • Experience with implementing high quality ML/IR systems

Engineering Intern

Role: We’re looking for brilliant engineers who are hungry to make Kifi even better. Being a startup there are plenty of opportunities for generalists to work all over the stack, but specialists - especially along the lines of the job listings above - are highly welcome as well. If you are the right person, dates and times are flexible.


  • Pursuing BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science or related field
  • Excellent implementation skills
  • High proficiency in at least one common programming language (Java, Scala, Javascript, Python, Ruby, C++, ...)
  • Comfortable in a UNIX/Linux environment
  • High levels of creativity and independent problem solving capabilities

Lead Designer

Role: We’re looking for a talented designer to join our founding team. You will be working closely with our founders and our experienced team (previously from Google, Facebook and Linkedin). You will be responsible for all design aspects of our consumer product, UI/UX Design, mobile design, website design, and brand design.


  • Passionate about understanding consumers needs and designing accordingly
  • Loves designing for a variety of platforms and products (web, mobile, tablets, etc.)
  • Know which details matter and when to push back and say “no.”
  • Communicate your designs to the team with patience while being open to feedback
  • Bonus: Passion for simple and flat design
  • Oh ya... photoshop illustrator yada yada...

Community Success Manager

Role: As FortyTwo’s community manager, you will lead daily interaction and communication with our users. You will design, construct and engage a passionate user community that aims to ensure widespread customer satisfaction and breed advocacy. Much of our success will rely on your ability to bridge the gap between the product team and the product’s users as you cultivate, identify and report the most crucial needs and insightful feedback. The community manager will also be heavily involved with the development/execution of innovative marketing strategies that leverage our unique technologies.


  • Intimate familiarity with all major social networks
  • Strong communication and writing skills, both formal and informal
  • Passion for engaging empathetically and fostering meaningful connections
  • Love and embrace new challenges that require creative solutions